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Ultimate Scrapbook Creator is the Ultimate way to create scrapbooks and keep track of your scrapbook materials.  It combines a variety of tools and decorating materials with a comprehensive filing system for classifying and locating your photos and documents.

Catalog Your Materials

First you will “copy” your photos and documents into your Ultimate Scrapbook Creator catalog, from a computer scanner, digital camera or disk files.  You will include specific information (who, what, when, etc.) about each of the images you add to your catalog.  You can add more than just photographs;  scan in important documents such as birth certificates, school report cards or wedding announcements.  You may want to include copies of airline tickets, restaurant menus or postcards; anything you might want to preserve and enjoy for future memories.  If you do not have a scanner, use the Kodak Photonet Online service to process your film.  They will "scan" your photos for you when you get your conventional film processed.  Your pictures will be put on Kodak's password protected Internet site where you can download them onto your computer.  There are also many print shops and other types of retailers who offer scanning services, as well as film processing companies that will put your pictures on a computer diskette when you have your film developed.

The Ultimate Scrapbook Creator filing system allows you to store your materials under multiple categories.  Paper photo files require that you file under just one category.  For example, suppose you want to file a picture of Steve and Hannah on vacation.   Using the old fashioned paper photo filing method you must choose to file under either, "vacation", "Steve", "Hannah" or the "date".   Unless you have multiple copies of your photo, cross referencing is difficult.  Ultimate Scrapbook Creator applies the speed of computer cross referencing to this problem.  You attach the who, what, where and when, to your photos as you add them to your catalog.  You can then retrieve and use them over and over again using Ultimate Scrapbook Creator's cross references.

Ultimate Scrapbook Creator Helps You Organize Your Materials

The Ultimate Scrapbook Creator filing system makes it easy to locate exactly the photos and decorations you want.  For example, use the find and search feature to find all pictures if your 1995 summer vacation.  Ultimate Scrapbook Creator will search your catalog and display only the images you requested.  Of course this feature works best when you are careful to include all important information with each photo as you add them to your Catalog during the filing process described above. Additionally, Ultimate Scrapbook Creator includes artwork that has been organized into background papers, borders, frames, clip art and rubber stamp art. Just click the "frames" icon and Ultimate Scrapbook Creator will display the hundreds of frames that come with Ultimate Scrapbook Creator.  Click "Find and Search" and ask for specific frames, such as those that pertain to birthdays or are of a particular color such as pink.

Design and Decorate Your Scrapbook Pages

First, decide on a theme for your page.  Then, choose a background or border. You can change the color of your “paper” (background) from white to an infinite number of colors, or choose a textured pattern such as gray marble or blue clouds.  There are also beautiful "water color" style "papers with themes such as spring or school days.  Next, use "find and search" to display the photos and documents that are related to the particular theme you are working on. Browse through the displayed photos until you find one that interests you.  “Drag and drop” that image onto a “blank” Scrapbook Album page on your computer’s screen.  You can resize, rotate and place your images anywhere on the page. Move the  photo on the page until you like its size and position.  If you want, add more pictures (photos or documents) to the page. You can put multiple images on a page to create a collage. Next, decorate your page using Ultimate Scrapbook Creator's extensive library of clip art, frames, rubber stamp art and borders. Use the Ultimate Scrapbook Creator drawing tools to create your own frames, mats or decorations.  Ultimate Scrapbook Creator’s word processing type tools allow you to create titles, descriptions and entire paragraphs to go on your page.  Choose the font, font color and font size of your text.

Experiment with each page you design. You can rearrange to your heart's content knowing that you will not need to un-glue a picture and that you can always reword a caption.

Design a series of pages and save them as an Album with a specific theme.  You will be able to recall the Album for viewing or printing at any time.  Create as many Albums as you want, each with a different theme.

Print Your Album and Put it in a Binder

Today’s variety of inexpensive color ink jet printers have exceptional quality.  You will be able to print your Albums and place them in ring binders or mount them onto traditional Album pages.  Many ink jet printers reproduce photographs at such high quality they appear to be produced by standard photo processing techniques.  Using special photo quality paper will greatly enhance the look of your printed pages.

Don't Throw Away your Scissors, Glue and Pens!

Ultimate Scrapbook Creator can print beautiful Album pages complete with clip art, multiple photographs and lots of text.  However, you may still want to get that "tactile" feeling of using multiple layers of paper, stickers and special frames as well as hand coloring some of your creations using art pens. You can create you own stickers from Ultimate Scrapbook Creator clip art, print them out and cut them into small shapes using scissors or a mat knife.  Glue them you your Album pages or print onto self adhesive backed paper.  You can resize and print frames from the Ultimate Scrapbook Creator frame library, cut out the center, and layer on top of conventional photos. Print out Ultimate Scrapbook Creator's "background papers" and use with other non-digital scrapbook products. Ultimate Scrapbook Creator comes with "rubber stamp" art created by a popular rubber stamp artist.  Color in this artwork using brush style art quality felt tip pens to get a hand crafted look. Use your imagination.  You can combine all the advantages of computer scrapbooking with traditional scrapbooking techniques to create your Ultimate Scrapbook.

(The page to the right was created using Ultimate Scrapbook Creator and it's "rubber stamp style clip art".  The flowers and foliage were hand colored using "brush" type art felt pens.  The frame was deorated using "copper" embossing powder.)