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Click on a title below to view a sample scrapbook page.  These pages were made using Ultimate Scrapbook Creator and were designed by users as well as members of the Ultimate Scrapbook Creator development team. These pages you will see ar Ultimate Scrapbook Creator Album pages that were saved to HTML (internet format) as well as saved and printed.  Saving to HTML is an Ultimate Scrapbook Creator option.

Contribute!!! If you would like to contribute a page(s) created with Ultimate Scrapbook Creator for posting in this gallery please email your page to  Save your page to HTML and send the HTML and JPG files to us as attachments. Include the page's title, your name, city and state, and a description of the page and how you created it.  We would love to see your work! Sharing our scrapbook creations makes scrapbooking so much fun!!!  And ... thank you for sharing!
Scrapbook pages
001 Alyssa's First Overnight  page 1 Una J. M. Glass  This is the first page of an Album I created about my four year old daughter's first overnight campout
without Mommy and Daddy. 
002 Alyssa's First Overnight page 2 Una J. M. Glass The second page of Alyssa's first overnight Album.  A quick and easy layout.
003 Alyssa's First Overnight - page 3 Una J. M. Glass This was another quick page I created about Alyssa's first overnight. 
004 Alyssa's First Overnight - page 4 Una J. M. Glass This page uses a frame that is actually a "mask". It makes photos look like they are cut out in the shape of a circle and a star. 
005 Alyssa's First Overnight - page 5 Una J. M. Glass  This page was done using one of my favorite background "papers" drawn specially  for Ultimate Scrapbook Creator by artist Eileen Doran Smith.  It also includes a great font from D.J. Inkers called Fiddlesticks. 
006 Little Ben  Una J. M. Glass  I created this "door" frame myself using the Ultimate Scrapbook Creator Draw tools.  This is a picture of my Dad taken when he was about 5 years old.