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Ultimate Scrapbook Creator owners can download this free update.  The update includes a number of bug fixes including remedies to printing problems.

    This is a self extacting zip file. Please print the directions below before beginning the download process.   The update does not affect existing album pages however, it is always a good idea to backup before beginning any update process.
Update Instructions

1 - Click on the "Download Now" link above to update from version 2.0.83 to version 2.1.46.

2 - A dialog box will appear asking if you want to Run this Program  OR   Save This Program To Disk.  Choose "Save to Disk" and click OK to proceed.

3 - You will now be prompted to specify where the downloaded file should be saved.  Save the file to the same folder where you installed Ultimate Scrapbook Creator (most people will have installed to C:\USC which is the default).   The name of the file you are downloading is updt1.exe.

    The Save As dialog box should be filled in as follows (provided  Ultimate Scrapbook Creator is installed in c:\usc):

     Save In:  \usc
     Filename:  updt1
     File type:   application

    Click Save to proceed.

4 - Your computer will begin the download process. When it has finished you will see the message,  "Download Complete".  Click OK,  then exit from your browser and disconnect from the Internet.
    The download should take approximately 10 minutes using a standard modem.  If the download only takes a few seconds it probably did not work properly.  If this is the case, go back to Step 3 and try again.  If the download still does not work correctly email MicroPlus support at
5 -  Click the Start button on the bottom left corner of your Windows desktop.  Click Run and then enter into the box that says "Open:"

     Click OK.

6 - The WinZip self extractor dialog box will appear.  Choose to Unzip to the folder where Ultimate Scrapbook Creator is installed.

Unzip to Folder:  \c:usc
Click Unzip
A message will appear saying the file was unzipped successfully.
Click OK and then Close the WinZip dialog.
7 -  Click the Start button on the bottom left corner of your Windows desktop again.  Click Run and then enter in the box that says "Open":

  click OK.

 A message will appear saying:

  This will install updt2146.  Do you wish to continue?

  Click Yes.

8 -  The update installation will begin.  BE SURE TO INSTALL THE UPDATE IN THE SAME FOLDER AS YOU ORIGINALLY INSTALLED Ultimate Scrapbook Creator. This will usually be c:\USC unless you originally chose to install at a location other than the default.  At the end of the installation it is best to choose the option of re-starting your computer.

9 -  Start Ultimate Scrapbook Creator.  Go to Help on the menu bar and select "About".  Check to see that the version number displayed in 2.1.46.  If this is not the case contact MicroPlus by sending an email to